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In-between enclaves: not Canada, but not the U.S. either

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Children participate in the July Fourth Parade in Point Roberts, Wash., Canada's American enclave. Point Roberts, a tiny unincorporated American community of 1,300, can only be reached through crossing Canada or water. (Meg Olson)

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Since the mainland Tsawwassen Peninsula dips south just below the 49th parallel, which sets the international border, Point Roberts exists - complete with border guards and checkpoints on one side, and water on all others. (Washington State Department of Transportation )

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Beaches are a main tourist attraction in Point Roberts, Wash. a tiny American enclave about 20 miles south of Vancouver, B.C. (Sheila Monty)

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Resident of Point Roberts, Wash. enjoy their morning coffee at Maple Beach. The natural beauty and small town safety mixed with the big city vibe of nearby Vancouver, B.C. attracts many residents to this small American enclave in Canada. (Meg Olson)

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It's not Canada, but it's not quite America either. Life in Point Roberts, Wash., Canada's American enclave, combines the inconvenience of border regulations with the benefits of natural beauty and a safe environment that mixes small town American life with the flavor of a big Canadian city.