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The sky is falling: Scientists confront asteroid threats

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asteroid behind light.jpg

NASA studied composition of this comet, Tempel 1, during Deep Impact, a 2005 space mission. (courtesy of NASA/ CNS)

barranger crater, arizona.jpg

The Barringer Meteorite Crater in Arizona is nearly a mile wide and 570 feet deep. ***note small file size 1,000 x 750*** (courtesy of CNS)

reddish arcs mark the trail of a small asteroid in outter space.jpg

The red arcs mark the trail of an asteroid in space. (courtesy of NASA/ CNS)

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Because of new technology, scientists will soon be able to spot the smaller asteroids that have a higher likelihood of striking the Earth. They plan to fend off these would-be catastrophes with "gravity tractors" and magnified solar beams.