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Just divorced? Congratulations, and here's a voodoo doll!

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EX5NLWG high res pic with guards.jpg

Divorcees are now receiving special gifts, such as this knife-holder. (Courtesy of CSB Commodities, Inc)

NV.068 Ex-Husband Voodoo Doll.jpg

Several online stores sell ex-husband and ex-wife voodoo dolls. (Courtesy of Kheper Games, Inc)


Friends and family can now buy a divorcee the ex-husband or ex-wife toilet paper. (Courtesy of Pipedream Products )

18552A.jpg sells divorce and break-up party supplies. (Courtesy of Plum Party )

I lost 150 pounds  1200x1000.jpg

At, the number of divorce items has grown tremendously since 2005. (Courtesy of

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Divorce American-style: From sexy underwear to voodoo dolls and greeting cards, splitting up has become another occasion to shop.