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What Shamu taught us about newspaper readers

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Thanks to most e-mailed lists, it's easy to keep up with what friends and colleagues are reading. (Cassandra Vinograd/CNS)


Most e-mailed lists on media websites have taken on a life of their own, as readers increasingly use them as a cheat-sheet to keep up with the news. (Cassandra Vinograd/CNS)


Lists of most e-mailed stories on media websites make it easy to pass articles from person to person. (Cassandra Vinograd/CNS)


More and more readers use most e-mailed lists as a substitute for reading the whole newspaper. ( Cassandra Vinograd/CNS)


Many readers don't bother with headlines, going straight to the list of most e-mailed stories. (Cassandra Vinograd/CNS)

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Where's the first place you turn for the important news of the day? For a growing number of people it's a media site that tells them which stories get the most hits. Does this mean it's all over for the editor as king of the news business?