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"Scambaiters" turn the tables on NIGERIAN FINANCE MINISTER

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***Please note small file size: 1482 x 1961 pixels*** Scambaiters convinced this con artist to pose for "security photos" to prove his identity. The baiters also got him to pay thousands of dollars in freight charges for packages of broken appliances. He believed they contained laptops.


"Scambaiters" like Anthony DiSano respond to fraudulent e-mails and persuade the scam artists to pose for silly pictures or perform skits. DiSano also shares information with law enforcement.

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Sick of those e-mails from ex-Nigerian finance ministers or widows of deposed dictators who would reimburse you handsomely to help to transfer a fortune to the United States? So are the "scambaiters," Internet vigilantes who write back to the con men and deliberately waste their time, with hilarious results.