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Beer geeks introduce America to sophisticated suds culture

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Burp Castle in New York is a self-proclaimed temple of beer worship and a beer geek favorite. (Lorenzo Morales)


Beer geeks are introducing America to sophisticated beer culture. (Lorenzo Morales)


Burp Castle in New York serves up to 12 different drafts and hundreds of bottled beers. (Lorenzo Morales)


The sales of U.S. craft beer, which is produced with 100 percent barley or wheat malt, rose 29.5 percent from 2003 to 2006. (Lorenzo Morales)


Chef Bruce Paton pairs chocolate desserts with trappist beers. (Courtesy of Jay Brooks )

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Beer geeks are trying to convince the Bud-drinking masses that beer is more than a pedestrian swill and that good beer tastes better than wine.