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Now, the alarm clock that runs and hides--you'll never oversleep again

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For night owls who can't get out of bed, Clocky is here to help. The alarm clock, invented in 2005, will run away beeping if the owner just keeps hitting the snooze button. Clocky is engineered to withstand a two-foot daily jump from the nightstand. (Courtesy of Nanda Home)

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Many people have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. They could be tired because they're sleep-deprived, or they might be phase-delayed, meaning their body rhythms are out of synch with the rest of the early-bird world. (Julia Gronnevet/CNS)


If the owner keeps hitting the snooze button, the alarm clock will roll off the night stand, wheel around the room, and sound the alarm once again. Gauri Nanda, 27, invented the clock while still a student at MIT. (Courtesy of Nanda Home)


The escaping alarm clock is engineered to endure a daily 2-foot drop from the owner's night stand. Once on the floor, it will roll around until it finds a safe hiding spot before ringing again. Because of its built-in randomizer, the clock will find a new spot to hide every day. (Courtesy of Nanda Home)

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An MIT graduate has invented an alarm clock that beeps you awake, then scoots off and hides when you try to find that snooze button.