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MBA graduates make some green while helping the environment

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Bainbridge's Cob House classroom on Cortes Island, British Columbia, is made of sand, straw, driftwood and clay. (Courtesy of Bruce McGlenn)


Students at the Presidio Graduate School of Management learn to emphasize the "triple bottom line" of people, profit and planet. (Courtesy of Patty Nason)


Gifford Pinchot founded the Bainbridge Graduate Institute with Elizabeth Pinchot and Dr. Sherman Severin in 2002. (Courtesy of Bruce McGlenn)


Presidio graduate Lori Kandels has joined a growing number of professionals with business degrees in sustainable management. (Courtesy of Karen Preuss)

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A few business schools are shifting their focus to a "green" business curriculum, combining a traditional business degree with environmental studies. They're responding to a growing market for business graduates with expertise in environmentally sensitive business practices.