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Shoe fitting device made since 1927 still a perfect fit

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An American classic, the Brannock Device is the only product a small company in Syracuse has made since 1926. (Courtesy of Brannock Device Co. Inc.)


Sal Leonardi, president of Brannock Device Co. Inc., stands next to stacks of Brannock devices. (Reuven Fenton/CNS)


Richard Amado Jr., an employee at Brannock Device Co. Inc, shelves newly-buffed Brannock devices. (Reuven Fenton/CNS)


Tim Follett, vice president of the Brannock Device Co. Inc., holds a '20's-era device (right) and a brand new one. (Reuven Fenton/CNS)

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Remember when you were a kid and you'd get your foot measured with that metal thing at the shoe store? It's called the Brannock Device, and it's the only product that a small company in Syracuse, N.Y., has made since 1927. Sales have been strong, but overseas competition has been increasingly narrowing profits.