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Does premium gas have the kick it claims, or is it a big waste of money?


At a time of high gas prices, millions of drivers may be wasting money on high-octane gasoline. Experts say most family vehicles don't benefit from the extra 30 cents a gallon.

Can't breathe? Use Viagra

Some skiers and hikers claim that erectile dysfunction drugs help them breathe at great heights. Viagra's manufacturer advises caution.

Compulsive hoarding--a lot more than just being messy


Compulsive hoarders surround themselves with piles of papers and stacks of stuff. Cleaning up the mess isn't as easy as hiring a professional organizer; their problems are psychological and require lifelong treatment.

Not a weight-loss miracle. Not tasty. But Enviga sells.


Enviga green tea drink purports to burn calories while you consume it. Nutritionists don’t agree. And it tastes awful. So why are people buying it?

It's up, it's in! University bookstores cash in on instant championship souvenirs


The real March Madness: University bookstores place contingency orders with Nike and other sports outfit makers that go into production as soon as the final buzzer sounds, and their school locks in the championship.

In recycled candy wrappers, designers see the makings of a handbag


As concerns about environmental issues continue to grow, consumers are showing an increased interest in handbags made of recycled materials--from juice containers to old seat belts.

Dear Diary, When I grow up, I'm going to read you out loud in a bar . . .


Grown-ups give public readings of cringe-worthy teen diaries to surprising acclaim.

AA members flock to a new play about the group's founders

BWDB Authors_Ben Strothmann.jpg

Members of Alcoholics Anonymous from around the country are gathering in New York City to see a new play about the organization's founders.

The picture of health? So why plan a funeral?


Baby boomers are starting to plan their own funerals. Why? Because if you want your funeral done right, you have to do it yourself.

Striking midnight: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" moves into "Rocky Horror" territory


Midnight movies continue to sell out at theaters around the United States. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is still an option, but crowds have begun switching to the latest trend: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" sing-alongs.

Pope Benedict merchandise for sale--but no one is buying


Almost two years into Pope Benedict XVI’s tenure, merchandise bearing his likeness is barely selling--and businesses that thrived while John Paul II was pope are worried.

"Scambaiters" turn the tables on NIGERIAN FINANCE MINISTER


Sick of those e-mails from ex-Nigerian finance ministers or widows of deposed dictators who would reimburse you handsomely to help to transfer a fortune to the United States? So are the "scambaiters," Internet vigilantes who write back to the con men and deliberately waste their time, with hilarious results.

A one-armed dove hunter? A llama owner? There's a group just for you


Whether you're a space entrepreneur, a llama owner or a one-armed dove hunter, there's an official association for you.

Model madness: TV awash in modeling reality shows


A flood of modeling reality TV shows continues to feed viewers' fascination with beauty and fame. But a new show, "The Agency," distinguishes itself by offering a sometimes brutal behind-the-scenes look at the fashion industry.

Beer geeks introduce America to sophisticated suds culture


Beer geeks are trying to convince the Bud-drinking masses that beer is more than a pedestrian swill and that good beer tastes better than wine.

Getting married in outer space--the ultimate love trip


With space tourism entering the public lexicon, average couples are planning to boldly go where no newlyweds have gone before: outer space.

Do u want 2 get 2gether?

It's over.jpg

As people's dependence on text messaging soars, so do women’s fears that they will never hear a man’s voice on the phone again.

Activists use knitting needles to make their point


Political activists are using a new medium to get their point across: knitting. Handmade "petitions" are making political statements about everything from abortion to the Iraq war.

Parents divided on using hair relaxers on young black girls

Hair straightening, a common practice among black women and girls for more than a century, is now available for young children as “kiddie” hair relaxers have gone on the market. Not all parents are thrilled.

Celebrities join forces to promote "Global Cool"


Celebrities are trying to make the battle against global warming cool as a star-studded group teaches actors, musicians and their fans to limit their carbon emissions.

In a rush? Sidewalk rage drives pedestrians off the deep end


What happens when the sidewalk just isn't big enough for the both of you? A nasty outbreak of sidewalk rage.

Teen free speech: defending students' rights at school


From artistic freedom to religious liberty and gay rights, the National Coalition Against Censorship is seeing an upsurge in free speech cases in U.S. schools. One such case is headed to the Supreme Court.

Out, proud--and a big jock to boot


Gay sports leagues have become so popular that some have waiting lists for people wanting to join. But gays aren't always the only players on the teams. Attracted by the camaraderie in the leagues, an increasing number of straight players are signing up.

School of knock-knocks: Comedy schools aren't all just for laughs

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The same make-'em-laugh skills that comedy schools teach to 12-year-olds can also help them relate better to family and friends and prepare them for successful lives, even if they don't choose stand-up.

Doctors say they know best: Lay off the WebMD

Have a cough? Maybe you have malaria. Medical Web sites like WebMD are making people paranoid. With little guidance on which conditions are more common than others, these sites are helping people drive themselves crazy.

Shoe fitting device made since 1927 still a perfect fit


Remember when you were a kid and you'd get your foot measured with that metal thing at the shoe store? It's called the Brannock Device, and it's the only product that a small company in Syracuse, N.Y., has made since 1927. Sales have been strong, but overseas competition has been increasingly narrowing profits.

Worried about environmental doom? Go see an eco-therapist


Recent news articles, TV shows and movies have convinced a growing number of people that environmental doom is fast approaching. Some of these people are seeking therapy--eco-therapy--but the scientists whose findings feed such eco-anxiety offer reasons not to despair.

MBA graduates make some green while helping the environment


A few business schools are shifting their focus to a "green" business curriculum, combining a traditional business degree with environmental studies. They're responding to a growing market for business graduates with expertise in environmentally sensitive business practices.

Now, the alarm clock that runs and hides--you'll never oversleep again


An MIT graduate has invented an alarm clock that beeps you awake, then scoots off and hides when you try to find that snooze button.

Cocktail names: War is popular, but not right now

From the Irish Car Bomb to the Kamikaze, warlike names are popular for cocktail drinks. But is the world ready for a Baghdad Blitz? Bartenders have doubts.

What Shamu taught us about newspaper readers


Where's the first place you turn for the important news of the day? For a growing number of people it's a media site that tells them which stories get the most hits. Does this mean it's all over for the editor as king of the news business?

On the hunt for a Web 2.0 definition

Depending on whom you ask, Web 2.0 is a technological revolution or meaningless jargon. But many say the concept is transforming the Internet--backed by ideas that bring people together, users who generate content and new, easy-to-use technologies that make it all possible.

Finance sector proving unattractive for some women

Some women are staying away from the long working hours of Wall Street's most lucrative jobs, a study says.