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Changing light bulbs to stem global warming

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Hahn True Value Mountain on cfls-1.jpg

A shopper in Wisconsin examines a display of compact florescent lights. (courtesy of Focus on Energy)

green bay mayor light pic 2.jpg

Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt invited media to document him replacing incandescent lights in his home with compact florescent bulbs to help raise awareness about energy efficiency. (courtesy of Focus on Energy)

Green Bay Mayor Schmitt changes lights.jpg

Walking the walk: Green Bay, Wisconsin Mayor Jim Schmitt puts energy efficient compact florescent lights in his home. (courtesy of Focus on Energy)

compact florescent.jpg

A compact fluorescent bulb (CNS/Anja Tranovich)

two bulbs.jpg

An incandescent bulb and a compact fluorescent bulb (CNS/Anja Tranovich)

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Municipalities across the country are working to replace incandescent light bulbs with more energy efficient lighting. In addition to saving money, the efforts are aimed at reducing greenhouse gases.