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Libraries for reading? What an odd idea

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Audio books like the Da Vinci Code are as or even more popular than the hard copy of the book. (Shradhha Sharma/CNS)


Audio books on tape remain the most popular, even though audio versions on CDs and MP3s are catching up on the popularity quotient. (Shradhha Sharma/CNS)


In the wake of their increasing popularity, most libraries across the U.S. now have huge sections devoted to only audio books. (Shradhha Sharma/CNS)


William Suffert, a librarian at the New York Public Library has also had to increase the budget allocation for audio books in his library to meet the increasing demand. (Shradhha Sharma/CNS)

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More and more people are checking out books from libraries--but there is no paper or printed text. Instead, audio books on tapes, CDs and MP3s are attracting "readers" who have long commutes and little free time.