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Press savvy witches launch PR campaign for Wiccan war dead

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A headstone of a Wiccan Korean War veteran rests bare in Circle Sanctuary Cemetery in Barneveld, Wis. The Veterans Administration would not allow the Wiccan pentacle to be engraved on his tombstone. (Courtesy of Circle Sanctuary)


Rev. Selena Fox, head of Circle Sanctuary in southwestern, Wis., leads a Memorial Day service for fallen Wiccan veterans in Nevada's Fernley Veterans Memorial Cemetery. (Courtesy of Circle Sanctuary)


Pagans celebrate the summer solstice on June 21, 2006 at the Pagan Spirit Gathering in southeastern Ohio. (Courtesy of Circle Sanctuary)

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Forget the wands and broom sticks, witches in the U.S. military carry M-16s and fly F-16s. But if they die in battle they won’t be honored by Wiccan rights. Now, across the country, a campaign is being waged to ensure that Wiccan soldiers get the honor and religious respect they deserve.