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Big business looks to fine artists to enhance its image

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***Please note small file size: 1228 pixels by 1497 pixels*** Holly Brewster Jones, the artist in residence at the SAS Institute, paints in her studio at the company's headquarters in Cary, N.C. Jones is a full time employee at SAS where she creates artwork for the company's office buildings around the country. (Courtsey of SAS)


Sudhu Tewari shows off his piece, Spring Droplet, at the Norcal artist-in-residence art show in San Francisco on Jan. 26-27. Tewari made the sculpture from a television, coffee table, and spring he scavenged from Norcal's dump. (Steven Simonetti/Courtesy of Sudhu Tewari)

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Companies are looking to artists to promote their businesses, and artists are eager to grab the security of working for a corporation. But in the transaction, do artists lose their integrity?