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Worried about your weight? Have some banana cream pie

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Mini dessert - fruishi.jpg

Vong's Thai Kitchen in Chicago serves a mini-dessert known as "fruishi." (Courtesy of Vong's Thai Kitchen)

Seasons mini desserts.JPG

"Mini Indulgences" cost $1.95 each at the restaurant chain Seasons 52, which has locations in Florida and Georgia. (Courtesy of Seasons 52)

Mini-desserts Group.jpg

Vong's Thai Kitchen in Chicago began offering "The World's Smallest Dessert Menu" at lunch in March of 2003. (Courtesy of Vong's Thai Kitchen)

Landmarc mini desserts.JPG

Desserts at Landmarc bistro in New York City include tiramisu, blueberry crumble, chocolate mousse, Nutella eclair, creme brulee and lemon tart. (Quentin Bacon/Courtesy of Landmarc)

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Miniature desserts are the latest food trend. Just don’t eat too many.