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Americans go crazy for precious chocolate

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At Kee's in New York City the truffles have flavors like black sesame, green tea and honey kumquat. (Julie Cirelli/CNS)


Each morning the chocolate makers at Kee's shape each truffle by hand. (Julie Cirelli/CNS)


Kee's will ship truffles to chocolate lovers who can't get to New York City except in the summer when they might melt on the way. (Julie Cirelli/CNS)


All of the truffles are made on site at Kee's Chocolate Shop in New York City. (Julie Cirelli/CNS)


Artisan chocolates are made without preservatives and only have a shelf life of up to four weeks. (Julie Cirelli/CNS)

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America's appetite for designer chocolate may be insatiable. Just like the passion of those who create it.