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Political apparel makers fret about life after Bush

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George Bates, in the Santa costume, says Christmas is a boom time for his anti-Bush T-shirts(please note that this photo's size is 1400x1500). (Courtesy of George Bates)


This T-shirt designed for the Bush family is a very popular piece of political apparel in Times Square, New York. (C. Onur Ant/CNS)


One of the best seller anti-Bush T-shirts in a Times Square gift shop, New York. (C. Onur Ant/CNS)


This apparel which reads "A village in Texas has lost its idiot" is one of the best selling anti-Bush T-shirts in Times Square, New York. (C. Onur Ant/CNS)

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With the president's approval ratings at record lows, sales of anti-Bush apparel thrive. But what will happen to the manufacturers after their most profitable president leaves office?