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High-tech Fido could save lives in Iraq


Developed by MIT researchers, Fido is a new bomb-sniffing device currently in use in Iraq and Afghanistan. The military is testing this unique technology, hoping it can protect soldiers from the improvised explosive devices that have killed hundreds.

Ready? Set? Eat!


While competitive eaters get ready for prime-time media attention, doctors warn that the sport is dangerous to our health.

Stair climbers push their sport skyward

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Competitive stair climbing isn’t ready for ESPN yet, but interest in the sport has spurted, with races up the world's tallest buildings sprouting up all over.

Death on board: What happens if you die on a cruise?


With more than 12 million people taking cruises a year, a lot of them senior citizens, death has become more common on the high seas.

Mixed martial arts matches get a makeover

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Mixed martial arts matches, banned in many states as too brutal, are getting a makeover with the new International Fight League, a team-based version of the sport. With mainstream sponsors and two TV deals, promoters are betting that the sport will be the next generation’s boxing.

Market freezer cases make room for homemade ice cream


Mom-and-pop companies peddling homemade ice cream are doing a brisk business.

Japanese peace boat to test American waters


The newest cruise ship to come to America is forgoing shuffleboard and fruity drinks for lessons on nuclear proliferation and other global warming, while taking its passengers to dozens of countries around the world.

Procrastination: It's really just U=EV/IP


A Canadian psychologist says he has devised a formula that can measure, and thus help cure, procrastination. But is it really as simple as U=EV/ID?

Fan conventions milk baby boomers' love for the past


National fan conventions are using TV celebrities from the 1950s to 1970s to attract a growing audience: baby boomers.

Traveling consultants opt for homelessness


Young, well-paid consultants who travel constantly sleep in hotel rooms or on friends' couches rather than rent apartments they never use. But there's a downside to the vagabond life.

Costly research could keep cheap cancer treatment from patients


Scientists have discovered a potential new treatment for cancer that could cost as little as $2 a dose, but they fear their struggles to find money to support further research will keep the drug from the public forever.

Would Macedonia by any other name sound so . . . controversial?


Macedonia. Should it be called the Republic of Macedonia or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Now 16 state legislatures in the U.S. have seen fit to weigh in on the issue. What do state legislators know about this international exercise in name-calling? Very little, it turns out. And why should they care?

Dodgeball clubs for adults mix athletics and social interaction


Today, dodgeball is growing exponentially and offering the Generation X and Y crowd a chance to get in shape, meet people and indulge in a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Yoga: a new way to fight anorexia and bulimia


People with eating disorders are turning to yoga for help in combating these life-shattering conditions. They know it works, and now experts agree.

Schools are switching rows of desks for comfy conference tables


Neat rows of desks may be a thing of the past in America’s classrooms as more educators see the benefits of studying in groups.

Sugar daddies find sugar babies on new Web site


A new Web site caters to rich men looking to spoil "someone special" and pursue a commitment-free sexual relationship. Is this arrangement mutually beneficial, or just cyberprostitution?

Worried about your weight? Have some banana cream pie

Mini dessert - fruishi.jpg

Miniature desserts are the latest food trend. Just don’t eat too many.

Restless legs syndrome keeps millions awake at night


Every evening, as the day winds down, millions of Americans get a strange urge: to walk, to move, to wriggle. While the rest of the country sleeps, they dance in their beds. Known as restless legs syndrome, the disorder is now being studied by researchers and a gene-based diagnosis is on the horizon.

Coming soon to a field near you: lacrosse


Lacrosse is hot. As the sport expands and reshapes its image, most of the new players aren’t rich, preppy or living on the East Coast.

For robot fans, Transformers are hot, broken or not


Transformers, a line of robot toys, are hotter than ever, with some dealers piecing together broken robots to resell to eager fans looking for a reassembled part of their childhoods.

Nixing the patch: Smokers quit cold turkey


The government says the nicotine patch and nicotine gum are the best way to quit smoking. But some researchers are casting doubt on their effectiveness--and a growing number of cold turkey quitters agree.

Laughter meditation helps the humor-deprived let loose


Former stand-up comedian Laraaji Nadananda has found a new way to make people laugh, by teaching the art of laughter meditation.

When it comes to soda, some restaurants don't do diet


Some restaurants refuse to serve diet sodas and sugar supplements as a way of returning the dining experience to a simpler and less calorie-conscious time.

Frugal computer users turn to free software


As many new computers no longer come bundled with essential programs like Microsoft Word, open-source software has become the generic drug for computer users with ailing wallets.

Gout, the disease of kings, is on the rise again


It afflicted Benjamin Franklin, Henry VIII and a host of other well-off over-indulgers. Now gout is back, and it's a pain in the foot for a growing number of people.

Political apparel makers fret about life after Bush


With the president's approval ratings at record lows, sales of anti-Bush apparel thrive. But what will happen to the manufacturers after their most profitable president leaves office?

Tattooing bursts through the color barrier


Thanks to reality TV shows and sports celebs, body art is showing up on skin of all colors. Blacks with tattoos, however, sometimes get dissed for trying to be "too white."

Americans go crazy for precious chocolate


America's appetite for designer chocolate may be insatiable. Just like the passion of those who create it.

Lottery winnings: easy money that's hard to handle


For recipients of sudden wealth, the belief that the money will never run out leads many to make serious financial mistakes. Experts say there are several things lottery winners and others with newfound wealth can do to protect their windfall.

Olympic gold medalist skates into her religious heritage


Former Olympic gold medalist Oksana Baiul uses her skating skills to celebrate her newfound Jewish heritage.

Online journal encourages science to vent their spirituality

An Online journal encourages members of the scientific community to discuss their spiritual experiences without fear of ridicule.

Juicy books for struggling teenage readers


Struggling teenage readers are getting hooked on easy-to-read books with eye-catching covers and provocative content.

Homeless counters hit nation's streets for cold, hard numbers


It's homeless count season, and thousands of volunteers are taking to the streets to tally the homeless and help communities qualify for federal funding.